ChyronHego and TrackMan™ Press Release About New StatCast Technology

Thursday, July 10, 2014

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ChyronHego and TrackMan™, a leading provider of radar technology for sports, today announced a strategic partnership in baseball player and ball tracking technology. 
The combined best-of-breed solution is a non-invasive offering that provides quality data for player evaluation, coaching and fan experience analysis in a converged infrastructure. Teams can now develop customized analytics while maintaining their own unique process. 
“The ChyronHego and TrackMan partnership is a breakthrough in data gathering for the sport of baseball,” said Johan Apel, president and chief executive officer at ChyronHego. “Coaches are now able to analyze individual player movements and track the ball for every play and our real-time data provides fan experience executives with never before seen opportunities to engage fans in this uniquely data-driven sport.”
“The Big Data trends driven by cloud and mobility are creating a new style of sports analysis that is transforming what coaches and fans expect and need from sports technology,” said John Olshan, general manager at TrackMan Baseball. “I’m thrilled to have Trackman and ChyronHego work together to help the sport tackle these exciting challenges. By jointly developing and leveraging each other’s technology, we will deliver the highest standard in data performance and reliability. “  
ChyronHego and TrackMan will continue to develop and market the technology to a broad range of baseball teams and leagues around the globe. The combined solution has already been successfully deployed in multiple U.S. stadiums. 


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